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Rebuild Auto Financing

Are you worried about your credit?   You’re not alone.  Let us show you how you can quickly REBUILD your credit back up with an auto loan but more than that, we’ll show you how to do it with the least amount of financial pain as possible!  We don’t just want to sell you one vehicle, REBUILD AUTO FINANCING and VALLEY FORD want to be your vehicle people for your future vehicle needs.

Credit is a valuable thing to everyone.  It’s rare that someone has enough expendable money in their bank account to purchase an automobile, recreational vehicle, home, cottage, RV or other big purchases.  Think of credit as being the risk perceived for the lending of money.  The less risk the lender perceives, the lower the rate they’ll offer and the less it costs you to borrow the money.  We’re going to help you lower that sense of risk so you can make your dreams come true.

Very few of us are lucky enough to make it through this life without some hick-up to our credit.  Whether its loss of work, sickness, divorce or any of the other myriad of reasons why life throws us a curveball, we do live in a country that, in general, will forgive past debt problems.  Don’t forget that lending institutions only make money by lending it so THEY DO WANT TO LEND IT.  Whether your hit to your credit just happened or you’ve been on the road to recovery for awhile you can trust in REBUILD AUTO FINANCING to assist both your automotive and credit recovery needs.  While it’s always great to sell a vehicle, we want to position you so that you’re so pleased with us that you come back to us for  your next 10 vehicles.  No sharks swimming in this pool, just your soon to be friends who’ve got your back.

So, what now?  It’s time to dig in and get your credit cleaned up.  The best way to do that is an auto loan.  Think about it, if a lender sees that you’re able to cleanly pay on a loan that’s $400-800 per month for a few years they’ll be much more confident that whatever your recent credit infractions were, you’re most likely over them!  “Yes!  We’d love to lend this person money!”

While some might suggest a credit card can do the same it really isn’t enough of a payment, minimum monthly payments on those usually between $25-75, to instill confidence in those lenders.  Certainly not compared to seeing those larger auto payments being cleanly paid.  Think of credit as being the risk perceived for the lending of money.”  Now if you were to have both an auto loan AND a credit card… and should you manage them cleanly… then your credit will recover even quicker.  We can help with that as well!

Give us a chance to assist you.  We’ll add you to our list of satisfied customers.



“How do I know what interest rate I’ll be offered?”

The stronger the credit situation is after a debt repayment incident the better the rate will be.  Different lenders have different rating criteria and that’s why REBUILD AUTO FININANCING has access to many lenders, giving you a better chance at a lower rate.

“Why is it recommended to get a pre-approval?”

Just like you wouldn’t go shopping for a house till you had a conversation with your mortgage broker, why would you spend hours and hours looking at vehicles that might be well over your payment budget?   With a pre-approval you know what you are approved for, both maximum payment and interest rate.  With that information you can project monthly or bi-weekly payments on any vehicle you are curious about.  Now you’re ready to start looking at vehicles!

“Will a pre-approval affect my credit?”

Having inquiries for loan applications on your credit report will have a small effect on your credit score, sure.  We’d suggest to you that if you’re going out month after month, year after year, asking people to lend you money then YES, that doesn’t particularly look good to potential lenders.  However, if you as a Canadian citizen occasionally tests the lending waters as to what the best loan option out there for you is, that is perfectly fine.

“What if I have expectations for a certain vehicle?”

Great!  That’s what we’ll shoot for.  If the pre-approval budget the lending institution offers you works with that vehicle we’ll have you driving in no time!  If not, we can tell you how much money down will make it fit.  Worst case scenario is we help set you up with a transition vehicle till your credit is recovered to a point we can put you into your chosen unit.

“Why should I trust REBUILD AUTO FINANCING?”

We get it.  We’ve listened to clients over the years tell us stories of some of their experiences.  Some players in our industry are just in it for the money, to sell you a vehicle for the profit without thought of what that purchase might mean to your future needs.  It’s our mission to lay all the cards on the table and work together with you on this vehicle purchase with consideration of the next vehicle you’ll eventually want to get.

“What if I’m not a Canadian citizen yet?”

Well first of all, welcome to the party.  If you’re here on a student or work VISA we have lending programs available for you that’ll start building your credit in Canada.

“What if I have a financed vehicle now that I’ll be trading”

When there is a trade with monies still owing on it, it’s important to find out whether you’ll be bringing equity (your trade is worth more than the loan payout) or negative equity (your trade is worth less than the loan payout) into your next vehicle loan.  If it’s negative equity, then now you need to consolidate that money owing into your new auto loan.  We can show you how.